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Amethyst Wrapped Necklace - Small

Amethyst Wrapped Necklace - Small

SKU: ACWN882023

Step into a world of spiritual serenity and elevate your bohemian style with our Amethyst Wrapped Necklace. Handcrafted with love and infused with positive vibrations, this macramé necklace combines the art of macramé with the enchanting energy of amethyst crystal. Embrace the magic and let your inner hippie shine.


The Amethyst Wrapped Necklace is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a gateway to spiritual awakening and intuitive exploration. Amethyst, known for its ability to activate spiritual awareness, opens the doors to higher consciousness and enhances psychic abilities. Feel its gentle energy guide you on a journey of self-discovery and inner wisdom.


Each macramé detail showcases their dedication to craftsmanship, resulting in a necklace that is as unique as you are. Wear it as a daily reminder of your connection to the universe and let its healing and cleansing powers uplift your spirit.


With its ability to unblock the crown chakra, the Amethyst Wrapped Necklace provides a pathway to divine wisdom and spiritual protection. Keep this sacred stone close to you, especially when in need of sobriety, purification, and a heightened sense of clarity.


Join our inclusive community at Bohem Dreme and discover a world where art and spirituality unite. Embrace the positive energy and find inspiration in our curated collection of handcrafted treasures. Let the Amethyst Wrapped Necklace be your symbol of bohemian bliss and spiritual transformation.


    ***Rose Quartz & Sage stick not included, ONLY amethyst wrapped necklace included***

    Size: Necklace - 37cm (long), Crystal 3cm (wide) x 3.5cm (long)

    Color: Brown

    Crystal: Amethyst - Healing, Cleansing, Calming, Spiritual Awakening

    Chakras: Crown Chakra, Third Eye

    Materials Used: Waxed cord, Wooden beads, Amethyst crystal, Love & Good vibes

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