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Dreamcatcher - Green Moon Love

Dreamcatcher - Green Moon Love

SKU: GMLDC882023

Introducing our Green Moon Love Dreamcatcher, a captivating blend of artistry and spiritual enchantment. Handcrafted with meticulous care, this dreamcatcher features a willow branch hoop, delicate thread, and a vibrant lime green turquoise tumbled stone, radiating positive energy and protection.


Immerse yourself in the ethereal world of dreams as this Native American inspired talisman filters out negative energy, allowing only beautiful dreams to find their way to you. It stands as a powerful symbol of peace and protection, creating a sanctuary of serenity in your sacred space.


The lime green turquoise tumbled stone adorning this dreamcatcher brings a burst of vibrant energy. Its radiant hues dispel negative influences and act as a shield against outside pollutants, ensuring a pure and uplifting atmosphere.


Experience the transformative power of this gemstone as it balances and aligns all your chakras, stabilizing mood swings and instilling a deep sense of inner calm.


Step into a world of spiritual serenity and good vibes, where art and spirituality intertwine. Bohem Dreme invites you to explore our curated collection of handcrafted treasures that radiate love and peace. Join our inclusive community of free-spirited souls and seekers of holistic wellness, and discover the inspiration that lies at the intersection of art and spirituality.


Embrace your inner hippie and infuse your living space with positive energy. Our Green Moon Love Dreamcatcher, with its enchanting design and vibrant gemstone, brings a touch of bohemian elegance to any room. Hang it with intention and let its protective energy and calming influence surround you.


Experience the transformative power of our Green Moon Love Dreamcatcher and invite love, peace, and positive energy into your life.


Embrace the vibrations of love and peace. Shop now and let the Green Moon Love Dreamcatcher guide your dreams, protect your space, and elevate your spiritual journey.


    ***Coaster & other bakground props are NOT included. ONLY dreamcatcher***

    Size: 11cm (wide) x 22cm (long)

    Color: Lime Green

    Gemstones: Lime Green Turquoise Stone - promotes peace, good luck and protection

    Feather: Turkey Feather

    Other Material Used: Hemp cord, Willow branch, Wooden beads, Love & Good vibes

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