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Tiger's Eye Crystal Wrapped Choker

Tiger's Eye Crystal Wrapped Choker


Step into a realm of courage and confidence with our Tiger's Eye Wrapped Choker Necklace. Handcrafted with care and adorned with the powerful energy of tiger's eye crystal, this macramé necklace is a symbol of strength and grounding.


Tiger's Eye, known as the stone of courage, is a root and sacral chakra stone that helps you build confidence, strength, and motivation. As you wear this necklace, feel its energy grounding you, helping you establish a strong foundation and warding off negative energy. Let its protective properties surround you, guiding you towards a path of courage and resilience.


Embrace the beauty of handmade craftsmanship and the transformative energy of tiger's eye crystal with our Tiger's Eye Wrapped Choker Necklace. Each knot tied with intention, each crystal radiating strength, this necklace serves as a reminder of your inner power and ability to overcome challenges.


Join our inclusive community of free spirits and seekers of holistic wellness, where art and spirituality intertwine to inspire and uplift. Discover the magic that awaits you in the world of Bohem Dreme, where every piece tells a story of courage, strength, and inner growth.


    Necklace Size: 33cm (length)

    Crystal size: 1.3cm (wide) and 1.3cm (long)

    Color: Black

    Crystal: Tigers eye - protects against negative energy. Builds strength and confidence.

    Other Material Used: Waxed cord, Wooden bead, Love & Good vibes

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